3 thoughts on “Gym finally stops its sexist pricing policies – the first of many?

  1. Make sure that somebody keeps an eye on this criminal business; in a few months they will be right back to their illegal pricing. They had no qualms about doing it in the first place, so we can expect them to break the law again when nobody is watching.

    Where are all the feminist with their “equality-equality-equality!?!”

    Damn liars everyone of them…

  2. Privileged treatment of women,by way of the gentleman code of conduct is no longer applicable in a world where women live,work and act like men.As such,they need to be treated like men as well. -Equaly.
    Anyone who still thinks that women need special perks and privileges is stuck in the Victorian era in his head. But to the detriment of men and boys,as well as to the economy and society.
    Charging women less (let alone half) is inexcusable and unjustifiable…unless these women are housewives,looking after their and their husbands’kids, dependant on their bread winner husbands.. Only in such a scenario would this be remotely acceptable. But we all know that just about all the women going to that gym are working,emancipated individuals..That’s why they are no longer deserving of perks and privileges. Those who still extend privileges to these modern women are acting in an undemcratic and unjust manner,literally backstabing,exploiting and cheating male members of the society.

  3. I noticed from the HEqual blog that it took a considerable amount of correspondence between the various parties before the policy was changed. THis is simply not acceptable where the law is being broken. Surely some sort of fine is in order, with refunds to male customers and a snivelling apology from the ‘CEO’ (?) of the company, followed by his resignation and excoriation in the press?

    It’s an encouraging start, and I’m delighted to come across yet another site I had no idea existed, thanks entirely to you Mike. It’s only by challenging these practices, as a multitude of individuals that we are going to achieve change.

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