Feminist Deconstructionism: This is what a feminist looks like

Our thanks to Emily for pointing us to a new piece on a site we hadn’t encountered before, Feminist Deconstructionism. She writes:

At last! A website largely devoted to exploring the phenomenon of unattractive women – obese women, in particular – being attracted to feminism like moths to a flame. It’s about time people were more honest about these ‘elephants in the room’.

4 thoughts on “Feminist Deconstructionism: This is what a feminist looks like

  1. I like the quote, but if you’re talking about ‘elephants in the room’ I humbly suggest that ‘like mammoths to a flame’ is a more fitting expression.

  2. the main focus of feminism is to make it as hard and as expensive as possible for men to marry,date or have sexual relations with women. It is not at all about saving ‘vulnerable” (-meaning younger and more attractive) women from “predatory” men. But it is all about saving themselves from the competition of younger,more attractive and often foreign women. Lasltly,feminism is also about helping women get hired for jobs they are much less suitable for than their male counterparts…On both counts,feminism is dishonest directly harmful to the society and economy.

  3. how heartening to see sites like this springing up like flowers in a harsh desert landscape….i love the thoughtful and sensitive image too; and the reference to the “feminist assault on reason” nails it exactly; its nothing to do with gender equality andeverything to do with a dogma-driven onslaught against several centuries of liberal western enlightenment thought

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