Yvette Cooper MP equates ‘families’ with ‘working parents’

From time to time I put myself through the pain of reading titles such as the Guardian and Independent. As a matter of principle I read library copies, rather than buying them. The Independent, once a fine newspaper, becomes ever worse. From the Editorial of today’s edition of the paper:

Yvette Cooper is campaigning to become the Labour Party’s first woman leader on a platform of putting families back ‘at the heart’ of party policy, first by extending free childcare to children aged two, so that more parents can go back to work.

The doublespeak here is astonishing, but it reminds us why she won a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award. She equates putting families back at the heart of party policy, with incentivising ‘more parents’ into paid employment. By ‘more parents’ she largely means ‘more mothers’, of course, regardless of whether they want to engage in paid work when their children are so young.

Who will foot the enormous bill of extending yet further taxpayers’ funding of childcare? Mainly working men, of course, who already pay 72% of the income taxes collected in the UK. Many of the working men paying for this extra childcare will simultaneously be denied access to their own children – denied by the family courts, which will not deal robustly with the malicious mothers who are the cause of the problem, abusing both ex-partners and their own children.

4 thoughts on “Yvette Cooper MP equates ‘families’ with ‘working parents’

  1. Adam Kostakis in his excellent series of lectures ‘Gynocentrism Theory’ tells us that feminism is;

    (1) The expropriation of resources from men to women.
    (2) The punishment of men.
    (3) To increase (1) and (2) in terms of scope and intensity indefinitely.

    This would certainly tie in with Williams comment above.

  2. Quite. It is important that J4MB continually reminds the public of who pays the taxes that are so freely spent. On Mrs. Balls – it is interesting to note that here in the north UKIP made huge inroads into the Labour vote. In fact if one looks at the votes cast the “right” won. One wonders if Labour continues to push their trendy agenda of modern isms it may alienate it’s vote, which tends to the socially conservative.

  3. The insidiousness of social welfare is that men, who pay almost three times as much personal tax as women, are denied the right to choose not to bring up children, since they are compelled to pay for children that are not theirs. In that sense, childcare funded from the preponderantly male public purse is akin to paternity fraud.

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