Barry Williams, Lone Fathers Association of Australia

A lengthy (43:05) but fascinating audio interview with Barry Williams, a legendary Australian advocate for father’s and children’s rights. The interviewer is Dean Esmay, and it was recorded in 2013. In the 1970s Barry went on a hunger strike for father’s rights, as Dan Perrins is doing in Canada as I write this.

Be sure to catch the comments stream. It seems Australian Feminazis have undone much of Barry’s work in recent years, sadly.

2 thoughts on “Barry Williams, Lone Fathers Association of Australia

  1. good to see men and fathers finally getting organized to fight the all pro-women society.
    Being a gentleman does not mean letting women get away with everything everywhere. That code of conduct belongs to an era where women almost always got maried,stayed married,raised children and did not antagonize men or try to compete with men.

    By trying to become like men,women have given up their privilege to be treated in a gentleman’s fashion. Now they deserve to be treated just like another man..No perks,no exemptions. Men must not give women everything,all the time and at all costs. If they do,they end up alone,divorced,jailed or discriminated against… Why should men agree to all this?
    Being born female must not amount to automatic privilege. Priivileged treatment must be deserved by baheving like a lady. Few women today behave that way. Why then should men continue being gentlemen? They should not ! If they do,they are getting what they deserve now… Second class citizen treatment. Gentlemanly manners are not written in stone and must be accorded to women on the basis of merit and not default.

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