Petition: ‘End the BBC Licence Fee’

My thanks to K for pointing me to this. It’s already had over 130,000 signatures, and has a target of 200,000. There’s a facility for adding a comment. I’ve added one to the effect that the BBC has been a feminist propaganda broadcaster for decades, ignoring problems faced by men and boys. I invite you to sign it, and maybe leave your own comment too. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “Petition: ‘End the BBC Licence Fee’

  1. Hi Mike, John Whittingdale was the chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the last Parliament. He has today been made Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport.

    From the full quote at (timed at 10:44):

    One of the BBC’s biggest critics has been made Culture secretary in a move which will be seen as an effective declaration of war on the Corporation.

    John Whittingdale, who was the chairman of the Culture, Media and Sport (Parliamentary Committee), has been made Culture secretary in David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle.

    Mr Whittingdale has been a notable critic of the BBC, and particularly its licence fee.

    … Senior Downing Street sources said they were “furious at the BBC’s coverage” of the campaign and accused the BBC of an “unforgiveable pro-Labour bias”. …

    It may be that some of the BBC’s pigeons are about to come home to roost.

  2. Did some reading up on the BBC fiasco. Turns out they have a set of guidelines especially for the 2015 election as well as the ones for general editorial guidelines throughout the year.
    Quoting the relevant sections

    “In all elections, the BBC must take care to prevent candidates being given an unfair advantage, for instance, where one candidate’s name is featured through depicting posters or rosettes etc […]”

    “Audience contributions offer immediacy and interactivity to the BBC’s output both broadcast and on the web. These contributions are an expression of opinion and are not an indication of the weight of opinion on one side or another of a question. The range selected for inclusion must be chosen to achieve due impartiality, not just by the weight of audience activity. However, we must not seek to achieve what might be considered “artificial” balance by giving a misleading account of the weight of opinion.”

    Thus we can see from this that the B.B.C. HAVE broken their own code of conduct there is no subjective element in this equation. A full and frank apology to J4MB and its supporters is now due.

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