Gloria De Piero MP – Lying Feminist of the Month (twice)

Gloria De Piero MP was selected from an all-women shortlist, an abomination in a democracy. She’s the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities i.e. she’s a radical feminist fighting for the advantaging of women and girls at the expense of men and boys. She’s also the winner of two of our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards, the explanations are on her award certificates, here and here.

I invite the good citizens of Ashfield to force Ms De Piero to find a new line of work after polling day, now just five days away. She almost lost this historically safe Labour seat in May 2010, retaining it with a majority of only 192 votes against the Lib Dem candidate.

3 thoughts on “Gloria De Piero MP – Lying Feminist of the Month (twice)

  1. Hi Mike,

    I’ve just registered this complaint with OFCOM…

    Programme title:
    Ashfield hustings

    Date and time of broadcast
    23 April 2015:

    Channel / station:
    BBC Radio Nottingham


    Description (please use 1500 characters or less):


    The appallingly biased way in which Mike Buchanan from J4MB was treated in this program, is just more evidence, as if any more were needed, that the BBC is now unashamedly operating as a political entity. And a very left-wing gyno-centric political entity at that.

    The current BBC seems to be operating under a new charter. A charter that if written, would now read.. A duty to Mis-Inform, politically Re-Educate and Entertain any and only leftist/feminist ideologies.

    It seems as though Broadcasting House has been infiltrated by Hard-Core Feminists and Radical Leftist media-study graduates, determined to use this publicly owned corporation, as a vehicle for the promotion of their own political agendas.

    Stacked audiences, hostile presenters, wilful misrepresentation of opponents views, questions loaded with false premisses and nasty character assassinations, are just a few of the methods being used to attack anyone who dares to challenge these ideologies.

    Men’s rights issues are at best ignored by broadcasting house, and at worst lampooned, ridiculed and generally characterised as irrelevant.

    Considering the UK is currently experiencing what many medical experts are calling “A Male suicide Epidemic” this wilful neglect of Men’s issues, is nothing short of criminal.

    How sad it is to see this once beacon of freedom and truth, reduced to a mere mouth piece for an insidious and dangerous political clique.

    David Power

    (btw. This is the first time I’ve been motivated to make a formal complaint about a program)

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