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Finn Mackay is a radical feminist ‘academic’ at the University of Bristol – one of those people who’d be quite unemployable outside academia, which along with everything else financed by the state, is 72% funded from taxes paid by men.

A particularly androgynous woman who dresses in a very manly manner (why do radical feminists do that, given how much they hate men?), I’ve heard tales of how she’s been asked to leave Ladies’ toilets by women who’ve assumed her to be a man.

A little over two years ago, I wrote an article for AVfM, Kat Banyard, Laura Bates, Finn Mackay: the noisy handful. Two months ago Ms Mackay had a book published by a leading international publisher, Palgrave Macmillan, with the catchy title Radical Feminism: Feminist Activism in Movement. The book’s entry on Amazon is here.

We note it’s a scorching #224,135 on the Amazon UK bestseller list, far below the Kindle ranking of my own Feminism: the ugly truth, published over three years ago. I obviously know how many copies of that ebook I sell, so Ms Mackay’s book must have been a thumping loss-maker for the publisher. Maybe, one day, a smart publisher will realise anti-feminist books outsell feminist books. You can but hope.

Ms Mackay’s book description on Amazon consists of the following:

Feminism is not dead. This groundbreaking book advances a radical and pioneering feminist manifesto for today’s modern audience that exposes the real reasons as to why women are still oppressed [our emphasis] and what feminist activism must do to counter it through a vibrant and original account of the global Reclaim the Night March.

The first sentence is particularly forlorn. Feminism may not be dead yet, but it is dying. When it does die – not far off, now – no amount of kicking that dead horse will revive it. We look forward to Finn Mackay stacking shelves at a Poundland branch in Bristol, on the night shift. At long last, she’ll be making a useful contribution to society.

2 thoughts on “Finn Mackay

  1. “the real reasons as to why women are still oppressed ”

    no doubt finn mackay may take a leaf out of the real IRA copybook by declaring herself to be the real feminist movement.

    “Tireless activist and rigorous philosopher Finn Mackay”
    i noted this phrase atttributed to her by Susan Brownmiller, author of: ‘Against Our Will: Men, Women and Rape’ (1975).

    I’m not sure what definition of rigorous Brownmiller is using, but perhaps its a very very watered down version.

    Finn Macaky.. if you or any of your supporters are reading this in your search for PR, i have a simple tip for you. If you want someone to write an endorsment of your book, try someone who doesn’t appear to have last written a book 40 years ago ( see above brownmillers book 1975)

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