BBC – Bigoted, Biased, Corrupt

Among the sterling people who’ve been helping with door-to-door leafleting is the gentleman who blogs as 5hadowfax. His YouTube channel is here.

He’s posted a well-argued piece about the BBC’s cynical manipulation of the Ashfield hustings last Thursday, in which questions about women’s issues were raised by an all-women audience. There are some interesting links in the transcript under the audio file. Some interesting comments, too.

One thought on “BBC – Bigoted, Biased, Corrupt

  1. The BBC have always been a mouthpiece for the establishment – whoever that establishment may be .
    Whether it be the scam of ‘global warming’, the calumny of Europe, the hatred of Israel, or the cultural corruption of femarxism, that will be the line they will take.
    The BBC have sometimes referred to as the ‘broadcasting arm of the civil service’, and with good reason.

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