2 thoughts on “Mike Buchanan interviewed by a radical feminist for BBC ‘Sunday Politics’ (East Midlands)

  1. A lot of obvious biases outlined by Mike, but he doesn’t’ mention a far more fundamental one. The whole premise of the piece is one of a nice woman being outraged at the very existence of a party for men and boys.

    Would the BBC’s only feature on Labour in Rotherham be outraged victim of sex abuse who was astonished that a party responsible for industrial scale rape of kids dares to stand in the constituency?

    Where’s the usual feature we get with other political parties with Mike and Barry engaging with grandparents or unemployed men on the doorstep and people expressing their support for the party or at least its ideas?

  2. The BBC has ALWAYS been the mouthpiece of the establishment power elite.
    Today, that is femarxism.

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