Two Reddits on men being banned from a BBC Radio Nottingham audience

Two Reddits were posted earlier today on the issue of men being banned from the audience at the BBC Radio Nottingham debate tonight, at which all five candidates for the Ashfield constituency spoke – J4MB, Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, UKIP. Our blog hits have gone through the roof, as a result.

All 15 audience members were women, all were vetted by the BBC. One of the BBC women justified the fact that all the audience members were female because 52% of voters are women. You couldn’t make it up.

The focus was on women’s issues, and I (uniquely among the candidates) spoke mainly about men’s issues, sometimes by ignoring the content of the audience questions altogether. We’ll post the audio file on our YouTube channel tomorrow, and publish a blog piece linking to it.

The two Reddit links are here and here, I invite you to submit your own comments.

2 thoughts on “Two Reddits on men being banned from a BBC Radio Nottingham audience

  1. When you tear out a man’s tongue you don’t prove him a liar, you simply show to the world that you are afraid of what he might say.
    Last year I cancelled my TV subscriptions because I was no longer prepared to fund the British Bitch Corporation. This just proves to me how right I was to do so.
    I hope that the disgraceful actions of BBC Radio Nottingham lead more people to do the same.
    Keep up the good work Mike, there’s a growing army behind you!

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