The anti-male bias of BBC Radio Nottingham – it gets worse

This afternoon we reported how Ray Barry hadn’t been invited to appear on the BBC Radio Nottingham hustings, while all the other candidates were. The BBC identified all the other candidates by name on its website, along with their parties – here.

I’ve just checked on the website to see how tomorrow’s Ashfield hustings are being presented – here. You’ll note that none of the candidates (or their parties) are named:

Sarah Julian broadcasts live from The Festival Hall in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. She’s joined by a panel of candidates standing for election in the Ashfield Constituency. Hear a range of questions from the audience including the hunt for the vital women’s vote [our emphasis].

The bottom line is that anyone naively depending on BBC Radio Nottingham for information about forthcoming programmes wouldn’t learn of the existence of Ray, myself, or J4MB. The BBC had the power to select both the presenter and the audience of 12 people, and it selected 13 women.

The people running BBC Radio Nottingham should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

4 thoughts on “The anti-male bias of BBC Radio Nottingham – it gets worse

  1. definitely make a formal complaint! also try to get (non-BBC!) media coverage as widely as possible of something that is blatantly biased and anti-democratic

  2. You really should make a formal complaint! Has the BBC organised women-only audiences for any of the other 640 constituencies, or is it specially for you?

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