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Last night we put up a link to a new Mumsnet discussion thread. I haven’t had the time to look at the thread, but Alice informs me that misrepresentations of our materials are rife, and an early comments was this, from ‘SabrinnaOfDystopia’:

More disturbing are his followers – a man who donated to his party describes (in horrific detail) his sexual assault of a young girl (sticking his hand up her skirt) and when said girl complained to his mother, he took this as evidence that “women make up lies about sexual assault”.

It’s frightening that these men walk our streets.

The piece alluded to was written by a donor, John Elliot – here. So is the claim true, that we published a piece by a man describing ‘in horrific detail’ his sexual assault of a young girl? I leave you to judge from the relevant extract:

It was 1955, and the sun shone on the houses that were our homes. I played outside and enjoyed the world of a five-year-old. [Our emphasis.]

From a few doors away, a girl of 13 started coming to our house, presumably out of a teenager’s fascination with small children. I can’t remember what we did, but one day I put my hand up her skirt from behind. She stiffened and then relaxed as the frisson of pleasure took over her body. After that we engaged in rudimentary sexual activity regularly in the back garden in a den that we had made.

I was too young to have proper intercourse. She was frustrated with my pathetic efforts and, accordingly, one day she calmly got up and went to the back door of our house. My mother came to the door and the girl complained that I had sexually interfered with her. In the background, I hopped up and down, thinking that now I was in big trouble. My mother didn’t understand, or pretended not to, and the girl went off down the garden path, defeated. My mother took me into the house and told me not to do it again. It was one of the few good things she did for me.

That day I learned that:

– Females lie brazenly about sexual matters

– They believe that sex is something bad that males do to females

– They believe that they are absolved from all complicity in such matters

Alice tells me that a number of Mumsnet followers have been so shocked by such claims that they comment they won’t visit our website. Never mind, many others are. There has been a dramatic increase in downloads of our general election manifesto since the Mumsnet thread was published, and our stats show that much traffic has come to our website from there.

7 thoughts on “Misrepresentation on Mumsnet

  1. I am sure that for many in Mumsnet land, this story simply proves that even at 5-years-old, males are already dangerous, a threat to women, and need to be ‘educated’ about rape. It doesn’t matter what the story, their twisted tautological cult ideology will confirm itself in perpetuity.

  2. A point, which, I’m sure, is too subtle for most of the mumsnet users to grasp. Some of them will get it when they’ve read the piece and perhaps they’ll think again about what they read on mumsnet. It’s their brand they’re debasing with their distortions and lies, not ours.

  3. perhaps mumsnet would like to comment on the situation of a 13 year old child who took advantage of a 5 year old toddler( think jamie bulger case).
    perhaps mumsnet would like to validate that it was ok for a 13 year to abuse a toddler ??
    i think not.
    mumsnet I hope you are reading, because I would like to ask you why you thought it was ok not report a mother for abusing her 14 year old son, when she posted on mumsnet that she made her 14 year old son shower in front of her ( naked obviously) in view of herself and her daugther. she stated that she did this to enforce her position of power upon her son. I raised this issue in the guardian when they decided to do a puff piece about mumsnet whose founder was also related to a member of the guardian staff, but guess the usual tool of censorship was applied.
    mumsnet is ok for some things but has a high degree of hyporcrisy when it comes to self validating abusive behaviour excused by gender.
    perhaps mumsnet doesn’t think its horrific when so called champion of women – harriet harman wears a t shirt made by epxloited women??

    the likes of SabrinnaOfDystopia who obviously seems to be hard of thinking should be renamed SabrinnaOfDysfunctional

  4. The original piece describes a series of sexual encounters between a 5 year old boy and a 13 year old girl. The mumsnet post turns this into a man sexually assaulting a young girl. The point of the original piece was that, in the writer’s experience, women misrepresent such things after the event. The Mumsnet post rather makes his point for him.

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