6 thoughts on “Men in Wales face ‘institutional sexism’ from family services, says leading fatherhood advocate

  1. Sounds familiar. Now Brasilian female president has signed a new law,’Femicide’,according to which if one kills a woman or a girl,willl get automatically longer sentence than killing a man or boy!
    So if you are a man who kills a woman,you will go to prison for longer than if a woman kills you.
    Do you want to tolerate this hogwash of justice,just because you are gentlemen ?

  2. I am so angry about this planned brainwashing of 11year olds that i would like to come up to nottingham and help the campaign one weekend soon…we DONT need a feminist version of north korea…..shame on the Conservative Party!!!!!

  3. Ultimately this isnt about “feminism” or gender politics… its about the dangers of power and the ruthless abuse of power….as Lord Acton famously said……

  4. Breaking news…the secretary of state for education announces that children as young as ELEVEN are to be taught about rape myths rape culture rapeapology etc…shame on the conservative party to be making policies that would at one time only be coming from a barkingmad lunatic fringe of nutters and bigots like the Trotskyists or the SWP…..shameful

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