Teachers give higher marks to girls than boys for the same quality of work – OECD study of more than 60 countries

Education is one of a number of professions now dominated by women – almost two-thirds of secondary school teachers are women – and the result has been predictably harmful to boys.

In our election manifesto on pp15-17 we cover the issue of education. A number of studies have shown female teachers give higher marks to girls than boys for the same quality of work, and we thank Ian for pointing us to a new OECD report on education in more than 60 countries which confirms it. The government won’t take the slightest notice, of course.

Feminists often whine about the academic achievement gap between girls and boys – around three out of five university students are women – and compare it with the small proportion of women at the top of major companies, in politics etc. It’s as if after getting a university degree, there should be automatic entitlement to a FTSE100 board position or a parliamentary career. So some remarks towards the end of the article about the OECD report are perceptive:

Teachers are said to reward “organisational skills, good behaviour and compliance” rather than objectively marking pupils’ work.

The findings suggested that teachers needed to be aware of “gender bias”.

It also raised questions about whether this really benefited girls.

“Is it a good thing? Maybe in the short run, you get a better school certificate,” said the OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher.

“In the long run, the world is going to penalise you because the labour market doesn’t pay you for your school marks, it pays you for what you can do.”

4 thoughts on “Teachers give higher marks to girls than boys for the same quality of work – OECD study of more than 60 countries

  1. first women sell the society a dressed up lie that men are a danger to children,largely eliminating men from schools.Then they have a free hand practicing their ‘edu-partheid’ against male students.
    Small wonder figures show girls performing better than boys. Feminism really is the greatest harm to a democratic society,a form of infectious disease that only the most powerful antibiotics,like ‘J4MB’, can cure.

  2. There is a more detailed piece about this OECD report on the TES website: https://news.tes.co.uk/b/news/2015/03/04/teacher-stereo-typing-means-higher-marks-for-girls-says-oecd.aspx

    The study looked at performance in maths and reading, and found that marking is skewed in favour of girls because girls have ““better classroom discipline and better self-regulation,” and teachers “hold stereotypical ideas about boys’ and girls’ academic strengths and weaknesses.”

    The report found a “worrying trend” that low performing boys are failing to improve, and a “stark” gender difference among the lowest performing students, with six out of 10 of the weakest learners in reading, maths and science being boys.

    The most astounding part of this article is the response from The Department for Education in the last 2 paragraphs. Remember – this article is all about BOYS underperforming and being disadvantaged. In response, the Dept for Education says nothing about boys at all, and instead it boasts about it’s initiatives for girls in STEM subjects!! It really does seem as though when anybody says “boys,” government fingers go into ears and they become incapable of hearing it.

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