Sue Parker Hall: Why I support J4MB

People are sometimes surprised that J4MB has supporters who are women. We have many. Some are denied access to their beloved grandchildren, some have sons being failed by a highly feminised education system, and some have other reasons. Sue Parker Hall, a highly respected psychotherapist and counsellor, falls into the final category. She kindly offered a statement for publication on this website, explaining why she supports J4MB. It’s here.

4 thoughts on “Sue Parker Hall: Why I support J4MB

    So yet another study finds systematic “marking up” of Girls work by teachers based on “stereotypes”. Not even indirect discrimination this is direct discrimination as defined by Law in the UK
    . So where is the call to action?
    Given this it is not surprising that boys don’t leave school as well educated and don’t get to Uni. Again boys much less likely to go to Uni. No outcry. But a new University with quotas to get girls on STEM degrees ( by relaxing entry requirements for girls) Direct discrimination again.

  2. An inspirational statement. A woman with so much to offer, yet thwarted by the ideologues. It reminds one that this is about equity and evidence. Thank you, Sue, and thank you J4MB for bringing together inspiring women and men.

  3. This is great news for J4MB. Having a woman campaigning is such a powerful asset – especially a woman with her background. Anyone who has not read her statement, I strongly advise that you do so. Another decent, well informed woman to add to the ever growing list of such who have “come out” as men’s rights advocates.

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