4 thoughts on “Kathy Gyngell: Feminism robs men of their dignity. They rob themselves of their lives.

  1. I think this is true. You describe what is occasionally referred to as benign sexism. For instance the simple gender arithmetic in politics means that it was and is men who are responsible in passing the laws and policy. Contrary to the Feminist claim that “advances” have been led by women. To be sure feminists have taken advantage of this deep socialisation to protect females , usually by riding on the back of “moral panics”. The solution is indeed to focus on equity of treatment and moral equality ( rights and responsibilities) . For “justice” in fact. And to value men as human beings worthy of at least a little of the care lavished on women

  2. The feminists do rob men of their dignity – true. And the gentlemen condone,even encourage them to do so by their passive acceptance of it, on the grounds of gentleman’s code of conduct.
    If you offer someone something good on a silver platter and they take it and use it to their advantage, who is to blame ? I’d easily say those who offer it.
    Therefore, today’s spoiled whiny women are more a product of gentlemen’s code of conduct than of any other reason. If you find this conclusion false, just look at the situation men have in countries which do not practice gentlamen’s conduct around the world.
    Quickly you will find out that in those countries men have lower suicide rates, lower divorce rates, better employment prospects, fewer lawsuits against themselves in private as well as in public life, fewer false rape allegations etc… It is self evident!
    The conclusion: stop treating women in a preferential (gentlemanly) manner in this time of ‘equal’ opportunity, equal responsibilty society. Otherwise you create preferential conditions for them to take advantage of, which they gladly do.And we, men, are to blame for letting it happen.
    And I hope Mike you do not censor this piece and put it on. Thanks, Martin

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