Hatchet job #4 from the ‘Telegraph’

Our thanks to a female ‘journalist’ at the Telegraph, Radhika Sanghani, for the fourth hatchet job in the paper in three weeks. It was published almost two weeks ago. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the relentless garbage written in the mainstream media about J4MB and myself. On the positive side, the publicity leads many to check out our election manifesto and thereby learn about the state’s 20 assaults on the human rights of men and boys.

The overwhelming majority of the 300+ comments following Ms Sanghani’s article are critical of it – and her – and/or supportive of what J4MB is saying and doing. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Hatchet job #4 from the ‘Telegraph’

  1. I now have little doubt that this latest execrable rag bag of lies from the Telegripe is a deliberate policy of publishing provocative click bait in order to ‘sex up’ the paper’s image, on the part of it’s (relatively) new American owner, who thinks that controversy can only be a good thing, at the same time as appealing to the substantially female advertising base.
    I said as much in the Telerags own comment section, adding that it is a very dangerous policy.
    For example, after many years of ‘rule’ by Blair and co. Cameron should have walked the last election by a landslide, whereas in fact he couldn’t even get a working majority.
    And why? Because he abandoned his core conservative policies and core voters – so they abandoned him.

    The same will hold true for newspapers.

    Let us therefore grieve for the passing of an old friend ( R.I.P The Daily Telegraph and ‘Morning Post’, as it used to be when my late dad, bless him, used to subscribe) and from now on do as Fidelbogen advises and stop rising to to the bait.

    That part of the fight is over.

    Our case has surely been made.

    It is time to ATTACK.

  2. Pretty terrible, but there’s probably slightly more sense in a few parts of that article than in most of these blatant hit pieces. Anyway, if they’re not going to tell the truth I really think you should demand a right to reply.

  3. Well yes pretty silly about you. I hadn’t heard of “Meninism” so that was interesting. And despite the rambling did manage to get across many of the issues as well as the point that feminism is past it’s sell by date. Usual wrong data .
    Overall have to hand it to you founding a party was genius. As per your old motto, still at the early “ridicule” level.

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