Erin Gibson – and Randall – we thank you

The spate of spoiler reviews of Feminism: the ugly truth on has had the inevitable effect – we’ve seen it before – to boost sales of the book. The book is currently the #13 bestselling title in ‘Feminist Theory’, which is ironic, given the book explains that all ‘feminist theory’ is hate-driven Marxism-derived BS swallowed by gullible women (and some gullible men, to their eternal shame).

A number of people have posted supportive new reviews, some with 5 stars. An example, from ‘Randall’:

I just heard about this book and that it is being attacked by SJW trolls with one star reviews. It is very possible I wouldn’t have been led to this book if it wasn’t for your attack.

So, I am about to buy 2 copies of the book just to further piss you all off, and every time I see a new one star troll review, I will buy another copy and send it to a friend.

I am a cis white male heterosexual which we all know means I must have money since the world is just handed to me. I can keep it up for a while. Come on ladies, leave more reviews and we can fund the sequel!!!

Because the book is only available as an ebook – which has been the case since its publication in February 2012 – we assume Randall will be sending friends an Amazon gift token to cover the purchase price of the book, and we thank him warmly (as we do Erin Gibson, obviously). In the meantime, no doubt, feminists will keep trying to soak up dog’s urine from their carpets with their Kindle devices. I wonder if doing that invalidates the devices’ warranties?

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