Luke Gittos: ‘This persecution of Ched Evans is medieval’

Luke Gittos is the law editor of spiked and three days ago this excellent piece on the Ched Evans saga was published. Ched Evans’s website is here. Evans is appealing against the rape conviction which resulted in his imprisonment for two and a half years. We note the public intervention of Vera Baird QC, Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria, in the matter.

One thought on “Luke Gittos: ‘This persecution of Ched Evans is medieval’

  1. a conviction by a jury? what qualifications do jury personnel have to make a qualified decision regarding the judgement of guilty or not guilty? Very little or none whatsoever. their decisions are based on the feeling of the moment. This can not be acceptable as a fair way to judge anyone.
    Only forensic evidence and expertly opinion should matter,not feelings and emotions on the spur of the moment. Furthermore,how many times have we seen women making up lies just to punish their man for abandoning them or nat taking them seriously? too many times. Therefore,I feel Chad Evans may actually be an innocent man,harmed by a revengful woman,backed up by an amateurish justice system based on emotion on the spur of the moment. There is everything wrong with this scenario and it is all tailored against men. Time for men to stand up to this undemocratic,and biased,anti-men system, brought about and supported by feminists.

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