Why is the NHS lurching from crisis to crisis?

Are you as tired as we are of seeing, hearing, and reading stories about the NHS lurching from crisis to crisis, with politicians and others gravely asserting the causes are numerous and complex, and ever more taxpayers’ money is required, when the prime cause of these crises was predicted by Dr Vernon Coleman in his books, over 30 years ago?

We cover the issue of employment on pp. 18-23 of our election manifesto, with a particular focus on the prime cause of the crises in the NHS on p.20.

It’s not rocket science.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Might also help if they actually stuck to healthcare provision instead of using NHS doctors, money and resources to butcher innocent children’s genitals.

  • The western world is reaching almost apartheid proportions,in respect to favouring women over men. Not only is this state of affairs shameful on the part of politicians who support this undemocratic trend,but also a shame on average men who are willing to put u with it. The biggest shame,however,is reserved for those men who did not even notice they are being discriminated against across the board. The crisis in the NHS is a very good example of what happens when the state sponsors gender discrimination to such an extent,that it literally ruins even those institutions
    tasked with caring for sick people,and countless others.
    It is scandalous that under these dire circumstances,a male politician should don a T-shirt stating “this is what a feminist looks like” …Pardon me for being blunt,but it might as well state ” this is what an idiot looks like”..