Men are good, and so are men-only spaces

Tom Golden is an engaging American psychotherapist specializing in men’s and boys’ issues. Who better could there be to write a couple of pieces on men-only spaces? Both are downloadable though this link. In the first piece Tom writes about Johnny Shanahan, an estimable businessman who runs ‘Barber Barber’, a string of barber shops in the UK and Ireland catering only for men – details here.

2 thoughts on “Men are good, and so are men-only spaces

  1. The joke is 100% on the feminists here. They are the ones who started campaigning for elimination of gender barriers of all kinds originally,only to start demanding later on women only train carriages,women only swimming sessions,women only this and that. As if to prove that women can not be mixed with men in every kind of situation in the real world.Just like it was in pre-feminist west. And if women demand women only establishemnts,then it is only fair that men demand the same,as they should. I hope men’s clubs and men only golf courses can flourish,once again. And if women do not like that,they can easily establish their own clubs.Noone is holding them back from doing so !

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