A vile piece by cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry, in the ‘New Statesman’

A disgusting piece of misandrous trash, even by New Statesman ‘standards’. I’m pushed for time but left a comment, reproduced below in case they try to ‘moderate’ it our of existence:

A vile piece. So ageism, racism, and sexism, are OK when applied to middle-aged white men? You even managed to throw in a dig at heterosexuality too. 10/10 for tolerance.

What we’ve come to expect in this trashy paper.

Mike Buchanan
(and the women who love them)

One thought on “A vile piece by cross-dressing artist Grayson Perry, in the ‘New Statesman’

  1. Ah but Grayson needs to divert attention from his pose of originality which is no more than a “toff” using his status of artist conferred by the rich and influential to rubbish the people who toil to make the money that eventually pays for his privileged existence. No more than a “clown” clothed in pretension and self-importance, Grayson Perry is a parasite on the society which the people who work would regard as entertaining perversion. Perhaps one of the silliest frauds in our society is such “artists” who prosper on the expediture of taxes by galleries, taxes paid by people – well, men – who really wouldn’t choose to pay their money for such vacuous nonsense.

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