UKIP’s position on human rights following family breakdowns

When it comes to human rights following family breakdowns, UKIP are speaking more sense than the three main parties combined – here. The key sentence:

UKIP will also support families by introducing an assumption of 50-50 shared parenting rights when relationships break down, and give visiting rights to Grandparents.

3 thoughts on “UKIP’s position on human rights following family breakdowns

  1. Don’t be fooled by UKIP who are going to do a deal with the Conservative party when Cameron steps down which will put the Conservatives back in power.

    UKIP have not published their shared residence proposal yet so you don’t know what you are supporting. Fathers justice or should I say Matt have also jumped on the UKIP bandwagon. I was asked if I wanted to be a UKIP councillor & said I would if UKIP answered my question which was do UKIP support shared parenting & to date nobody has.

    I have spent over 10 years writing to the government about what is wrong with the law & what needs to be done which they are well aware of & haven’t kept their word which was to end the misery of the family courts.

  2. Way to go UKIP. That is a morally just approach ! J4MB & UKIP should form a coalition government in the near future and chances are things will start improving in Britain and will be imitated in the rest of Europe!

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