Here we go again. Man presumed guilty until proven innocent.

Appalling. Given this woman’s known background – she falsely alleged she’d been raped by Neil and Christine Hamilton, and served a prison sentence as a result – the assumption of the part of the criminal justice system that her ex-boyfriend was guilty of threatening her with a Samurai sword was deplorable. He was imprisoned and denied bail. Why does the justice system bow to the will of such women? At least she’s serving a custodial sentence. Doubtless she’ll serve only a small proportion of the sentence before she’s released to assault yet more men’s lives.

3 thoughts on “Here we go again. Man presumed guilty until proven innocent.

  1. It IS appalling, but one has to bear in mind that DPP Kier Starmer and replacement Alison Saunders (who publicly said she wanted more ‘convictions’, not more ‘justice’, mind) – femarxists both – are only pursuing their own corrupt policies, so one should not be too surprised. When these fail to deliver, the next step will be to prevent the proper investigation that eventually proved this defendant not guilty. See if I’m not right.

  2. Quote from the article:Her claims that he had access to weapons and was likely to resist arrest sparked the costly armed response.

    I’m sure that she was hoping that he would resist arrest and be shot.

    Evil woman but she’ll no doubt be out in a couple of years.

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