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The continued survival of AVfM should be a matter of importance to everyone concerned about the assaults on the human rights of men and boys around the world. AVfM is the beating heart of the global men’s human rights movement. AVfM alone has the reputation to host conferences such as the historic one held in Detroit three months ago. The next one will doubtless be even more impressive.

Paul Elam and his colleagues have been stalwart supporters of J4MB since our launch in February 2013, and I’d like to ask for your support for them now. I’ve just contributed what I can afford to their current fundraiser, and I ask you to do the same – here. The six-minute-long video is worth catching. Thank you for supporting AVfM.

5 thoughts on “Please support the AVfM fundraiser

  1. As a general point I think having a party gives one the opportunity to consider what one is for. AVfM does an excellent job of giving a voice and opening debate. However along with many outlets it is raising consciousness and fighting injustices. A Party has to figure out what it would do. What needs to change, and more importantly change to what? As a reverse example Emma Watson’s rhetoric tried to be a new start for feminists in the UN but the campaign it launches simply repeats the policy of VAWG. In other words they have nothing actually to offer men and boys despite the grand words.
    I look forward to J4MB manifesto as that should not only critique what is wrong but give positive examples of what to do to put it right. Even talking policies moves things on from a negative “anti” to what is to be done.

  2. Paul, thank you. I look forward to someone in the US or Canada starting a political party. And as I said in Detroit, there are several Canadian Honey Badgers who could really make waves by launching and leading a party!

  3. Many thanks to you and your supporters, Mike. And my gratitude for having the fortitude to start the only political party for which I could vote in good conscience, were I a citizen of the UK.

    I hope someone will be inspired to do the same in my country.

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