Doris, thank you

It’s long overdue for me to acknowledge someone who’s been a supporter from long before I launched J4MB, from soon after I launched the Anti-Feminism League in early 2012. Doris has been a supporter through thick and thin, and I don’t think there’s been a week since then in which we haven’t had at least one discussion. She became a regular and generous donor after I launched J4MB, so she has a special place in the hearts of the people driving J4MB. Today she pointed us to this piece about the vile MP Yvette Cooper – on a mission to be even more vile than Harriet Harman, it would seem – but Doris explained in her email that what she enjoyed most was the top-ranking comment following the article (117 upvotes, 21 downvotes):

Why don’t Labour just make being male a criminal offence, and be done with it?

One thought on “Doris, thank you

  1. Thank you to Doris. And a hearty thanks to all women prepared to step forward to challenge. I find it immensely hopeful that J4MB concentrates on challenging an ideology and the policies it drives and doesn’t mirror the “identity” politics of it’s opposition. I look forward to the manifesto. Though it may not be a criminal offence it is the case that in much of the operation of policy and public agencies includes the position that being male is offensive.

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