2 thoughts on “Ally Fogg: ‘Chris Grayling can ignore prison rape. Hundreds of victims have no such luxury.’

  1. Mike. I thank you for referencing this. I can well understand that prisoners are not politically attractive subjects. I would not want to minimise their crimes nor do away with punishment. Indeed if prison were more effective I’d say many could do with a longer sentence to be both punished and rehabilitated. Ally points out the complete contrast with current policy for women and men. Men’s prisons are over crowded. A considerable number are young, many struggle with addictions, mental health problems and a quarter have learning disabilities. And of course a majority come from “broken homes”. Some of the vulnerable people brought together with some of the most wicked. In some ways a microcosm of the “sink or swim” attitude men and boys face in our society from birth. For many it builds resilience and self reliance but in such circumstances just some simple care would pay huge dividends as Ally points out.

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