Herbert Purdy comments on the Home Office ‘consultation’ on strengthening the law on domestic abuse, and the involvement of Women’s Aid

Yesterday we posted a link to a piece from Red Pill UK about a recent Home Office consultation, titled, ‘Con, not consultation’. Herbert Purdy has left a comment on the piece, and it takes up the rest of this blog piece:

“The degree to which organisations like Women’s Aid has penetrated the highest corridors of power in our land is astonishing, and worthy of the worst excesses of lobbying and political chicanery ever seen. What is equally astonishing is that no one seems to see through this organisation as the blatantly feminist political lobby it really is. These people are man-haters, pure and simple. They are out to get men: the other half of the population, for god’s sake! Why can’t people see this?

Under the catch line ‘Until women are safe’, Women’s Aid’s aim is, ‘… to end violence against women and children’, and lists amongst its patrons: Jenni Murray, the voice of feminism on Woman’s Hour, broadcast daily on the BBC, Sarah Brown wife of former British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour should be renamed the Feminist Party, because it certainly doesn’t represent labour – remember, that was men? – anymore), the internationally famous actress Julie Walters CBE, popular TV actor Kevin Whatley, and Gordon Ramsay, the famous TV chef and his wife Tana.

Perhaps these celebrities and other fellow travellers who support Women’s Aid: the actors, chefs and wives of former politicians who appear amongst the ranks of those who espouse its cause would do well to consider that, maybe, they have taken this strongly anti-male, political pressure group too much at face value? They need to get real about its blatantly misandrous/feminist ‘vagenda’, and go back to their chef’s kitchens and actor’s film sets and quietly reflect on their responsibilities to society as a whole in their support for this foul organisation. Society is not going to be helped by them aiding and abetting the feminist fire-stoking that is so clearly going on in Women’s Aid.

I mean, even the very name implies women need aid when the truth is that those who need aid are those who suffer from partner abuse – and that is ALSO men, many of whom dare not do anything about it for fear of having the tables turned on them – they becoming the victim who is blamed – and losing contact with their children.

It is unconscionable that Women’s Aid in its dismal disgusting diatribe against men and its constant harping on the woman-as-victim narrative should have such sway in our government. And it is equally unconscionable that it should have charitable status. Charities are charged with the responsibility of carrying out philanthropy – love of men, literally, but of mankind – and that includes everyone (doesn’t it?).”

One thought on “Herbert Purdy comments on the Home Office ‘consultation’ on strengthening the law on domestic abuse, and the involvement of Women’s Aid

  1. Don’t despair H.P.
    Things are beginning to change, we’ve made a start, but it’ll take time.
    Cultural Marxist Feminism has been undermining the state for many decades as you already know. Now it pretty well IS the state. So it’ll be a long haul, and that is what we are up against, as you also know.
    Since CMF is a gross corruption, it will collapse under the weight of its own rottenness like the old Soviet Union. I wouldn’t care to give a timetable though!

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