Red Pill UK on the Home Office consultation: ‘Con, not consultation’

In our public challenge of Theresa May with respect to the Home Office’s ‘consultation’ on the strengthening of the law with respect to domestic abuse, we linked to a remarkable 72-page document from Red Pill UK, about the anti-male bias of the Home Office, Crown Prosecution Service, Ministry of Justice, EHRC… and Theresa May herself. So we were pleased to learn of this document relating to the ‘consultation’, posted today on the Red Pill UK website. We wish the site every success.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • This is an exellent piece indeed. It recognises something crucial. Local organisations close to the realities of life are less easily persuaded by ideology. Hence the DV industry panic as local commissioners of services have started to require services to work with men. Though hardly a wholesale rejection of feminist ideology it is clear Womensaid and Refuge have been rattled by local authorities demanding support is given to males. 
    As this policy and consultation shows the feminists power is far greater in Westminster. This is because civil servants are both remote from actual reality and frequently jobbing civil servants rather than having any real expertise in anything other than the civil service. Hence when a particular politician wants action on something , frequently the civil servants will rely on  “consultants” to do the actual work.  Often in social policy this will be leading voluntary agencies or quango’s. Thus one can imagine Teresa May demanding an eye catching initiative on DV and Civil Servants going to the “usual suspects” to effectively write it. Having done so the same organisations would have expected to be unchallenged in a “consultation” poorly publicised outside the same “usual suspects”. This pattern has been repeated time and again with non feminist interested groups and the British public unaware until the policy/law/guidance is enacted. 
    Any and all should comment to try to break this “incestuous” cycle of collusion between civil servants and their familiar “advisors”.    

  • @nrjnigel You’ve hit the nail on the head here I think. Well said. The degree to which organisations like Women’s Aid has penetrated the highest corridors of power in our land is astonishing, and worthy of the worst excesses of lobbying and political chicanery ever seen. What is equally astonishing is that no one seems to see through this organisation as the blatantly feminist political lobby it really is. These people are man-haters, pure and simple. They are out to get men: the other half of the population, for god’s sake! Why can’t people see this?

    Under the catch line ‘Until women are safe’, Women’s Aid’s aim is, ‘… to end violence against women and children’, and lists amongst its patrons: Jenni Murray, the voice of feminism on Woman’s Hour, broadcast daily on the BBC, Sarah Brown wife of former British Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown (Labour should be renamed the Feminist Party, because it certainly doesn’t represent labour – remember, that was men? – anymore), the internationally famous actress Julie Walters CBE, popular TV actor Kevin Whatley, and Gordon Ramsay, the famous TV chef and his wife Tana.

    Perhaps these celebrities and other fellow travellers who support Women’s Aid: the actors, chefs and wives of former politicians who appear amongst the ranks of those who espouse its cause would do well to consider that, maybe, they have taken this strongly anti-male, political pressure group too much at face value? They need to get real about its blatantly misandrous/feminist ‘vagenda’, and go back to their chef’s kitchens and actor’s film sets and quietly reflect on their responsibilities to society as a whole in their support for this foul organisation. Society is not going to be helped by them aiding and abetting the feminist fire-stoking that is so clearly going on in Women’s Aid.

    I mean, even the very name implies women need aid when the truth is that those who need aid are those who suffer from partner abuse – and that is ALSO men, many of whom dare not do anything about it for fear of having the tables turned on them – they becoming the victim who is blamed – and losing contact with their children.

    It is unconscionable that Women’s Aid in its dismal disgusting diatribe against men and its constant harping on the woman-as-victim narrative should have such sway in our government. And it is equally unconscionable that it should have charitable status. Charities are charged with the responsibility of carrying out philanthropy – love of men, literally, but of mankind – and that includes everyone (doesn’t it?).