Our public challenge of Eleri Butler, Chief Executive, Welsh Women’s Aid

Another day, another public challenge. Welsh Women’s Aid recently submitted a document to the Welsh government. As we’d expect, the document is riddled with radical feminist thinking. In this letter we’re challenging Eleri Butler, Chief Executive of WWA, to retract two lies in their submission, and to update two obsolete statistics on their website. We’re also sending our letter to AMs (the Welsh equivalent of MPs) on the committee concerned, along with all other AMs in the Welsh Assembly.

3 thoughts on “Our public challenge of Eleri Butler, Chief Executive, Welsh Women’s Aid

  1. As one of the examples of the deadly effect of feminists getting DV labeled a “Gendered” crime. Following concern about dating abuse in the USA two large scale reports were done in Scotland and England. Looking at young adults both research reports , in the body of the documents, both found that young men were more likely to be hit and there were worryingly widespread attitudes condoning violence against males . The authors in both noted these findings as unexpected and worthy of study and further consideration.  BUT. Both reports were commissioned under a Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy. So the recommendations were all about women and girls. Anyone reading the executive summary and recommendations won’t know about the unexpected data on boys and young  men’s victimisation, and few will of course read the full report. 
    So the research on boys and young men remains to be done. The surprising counter thesis data ( reflected in research across the anglophone world) remains “hidden” in the body of reports and papers and the Summaries and policy recommendations are only about women and girls for the simple reason that it is commissioned as part of VAWG strategy. 
    This is of course repeated in other areas of DV and Abuse. It’s rather clever. No one has lied ( the data is there in the full reports and is even pointed out) Indeed there are comments that this is surprising and needs more attention. Yet because the authors are commissioned and only asked to recommend on VAWG nothing about their findings about VAMB appears in the policy summaries, and it is these that get quoted and cited as “educational” programmes are spread through schools and colleges. 

  2. Very well said and done. Pointing out lies used in a political process. And thank you for the link the comprehensive report by Red Pill Uk. To me it is quite simple. It is known that domestic violence ( and abuse) is chronically under reported and acted upon. This is shown by Gov. Statistics. As this is so public bodies should, under the equalities act , make additional efforts to address this. They know how to do this as improving the reporting , prosecution and victim support for women has been developed over three decades.
    So why doesn’t this happen,as it does for many under represented groups in other shares? Feminist ideology is the clear answer. For it isn’t ignorance it is the active suppression and lies.

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