An Iranian man in London is trying to stop his wife having their baby son circumcised

A very moving story on one of Glen Poole’s websites.

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  • What this man needs to do, or some variation of it, is to ask a woman working for him, undercover, to contact various feminist organisations, pretending that she is about to give birth to a little girl, and that the child’s father is threatening to have female genital mutilation performed on the little girl soon after birth, against her wishes. “Can you help me to draft an ex parte application, to the right court, for an emergency injunction that will stop the father from paying a non-NHS backstreet doctor to mutilate his daughter’s genitals against my wishes?”

    Get a copy of the application that the solicitor, paid for by the feminist organisation, drafts. Copy it, and amend it to disguise the gender of the baby at risk of genital mutilation, and which parent wants to prevent this. E.g. change “daughter” to “child”. “father” to “parent one” and “mother” to parent two”. Then file the application as a litigant in person. The woman accomplice should then tell the solicitor that she no longer wishes to go ahead with the application for an emergency injunction.

    If the court discovers that the shoe is on the other foot, simply draw the court’s attention to its duty to interpret legislation consistently with the Convention, and to act consistently with the Convention rights of applicants for legal remedies. If there is a law that would procure an immediate injunction for a mother whose daughter’s genitals the father wanted mutilated, then, in then light of the Human Rights Act, that law has to be interpreted so as to provide an immediate injunction for a father whose son’s genitals the mother wants mutilated.

    Serve the resultant injunction on the mother.