Becky Clarke and Kathryn Chadwick: ‘A call to ALL women’

Our thanks to Greg for sending us a link to this short piece from the website of the Centre for Crime & Justice Studies at Manchester Metropolitan University. He didn’t comment on the piece, but in the email subject line he wrote:

Shoot me now.

We assume the line was a comment on the piece’s utter lack of recognition of the outrageous leniency shown towards female criminals by the justice system, compared with the system’s often brutal treatment of men. We’ve posted many examples of cases which illustrate that women – and especially women with responsibility for children – are often above the law. One example is that of paternity fraud, a grievous assault on the human rights of men and children, the latter being denied knowledge of the identities of their biological fathers. Paternity fraud has long been a criminal offence in the UK, but not one British woman has ever been convicted of the crime.

We assume that Becky Clarke and Kathryn Chadwick – who are described mysteriously as ‘of’ Manchester Metropolitan University – are members of the vast horde of women (and a smaller horde of men) relying on (mostly male) taxpayers for their livelihoods, whilst campaigning for the relentless privileging of women. A small extract from the piece:

Criminal and social justice – deleterious position of women in society
We believe that the persistence in governmental policies which ignore and marginalise the specific needs of women, which have led to a focus on criminalisation rather than addressing welfare and social justice needs, are those which affect ALL women. Activist Bea Campbell talks of the ‘end of equality’, and the consequences of an erosion of the welfare state and ‘the institutions that intervene between men and women, that democratise gender relations and mitigate patriarchy by alleviating women’s poverty and overwork’.

‘Activist’ Bea Campbell is, of course, Beatrix Campbell. The Wikipedia profile of this odious Marxist lesbian harridan is here. We’d love to see ‘an erosion of the welfare state and the institutions that intervene between men and women’.

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