Karen Woodall’s open letter to Yvette Cooper MP

We’re huge admirers of Karen Woodall at J4MB, so we thank Ray for pointing us towards her recent open letter to Yvette Cooper MP. It ends with the following words:

Women like you have created a world in which educating boys to be ashamed of their masculinity is seen as desirable instead of cruel and about equality instead of what it is, an oppressive, discriminatory reality.

As parents and grandparents, practitioners and ordinary people, we will hold  you to account for your crimes against our children and our grandchildren.  I hope I stay alive long enough to see the day.

2 thoughts on “Karen Woodall’s open letter to Yvette Cooper MP

  1. Karen and her husband have long done good work. Mrs. Cooper-Balls it seems has firmly laid claim the the feminist party is the Labour Party.

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