Government launches £30m fund to get women into engineering

We’ve reported at length the Brunel University £22,750 sponsorships for female engineering postgraduates, awarded on the basis of gender alone, an initiative which could cost long-suffering taxpayers almost a million pounds. Our thanks to Rick for sending us a link to this piece, introducing it with this comment:

Makes the Brunel thing seem like small beer. Sorry to ruin your Sunday evening.

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  • On the IMechE webpage we find Nicky Morgan, the Minister for Women, saying: “Without women pursuing careers in engineering, UK companies are missing out on a vast pool of talent.” What will the young children of those women engineers be missing out on, Ms Morgan?

    • Thanks Sean. Very few women return to their engineering careers after having children. In the meantime they’ve taken life chances for men who’d have been engineers for many years, supporting wives and children etc. This is truly the most insane taxpayer-funded initiative I can think of right now.

  • Well. Strange that the Gov. doesn’t think it should widen the pool of talent for teaching and childcare. Not important enough perhaps. Public Servants; perhaps we don’t need more talent there . What about medicine , busily recruiting Doctors, Nurses and a whole range of medical professionals from Pysiotherapists to Psychologists from abroad and yet the pool of British male talent is pretty un tapped: surely extending the talent drawn on for public and privately funded health would be a good thing? (good too for those developing countries who lose talent to our recruitment drives) . Oh silly me this would mean encouraging men ! !
    Either these and other sectors are unimportant or the Gov. believes British men have no talent . J4MB could ask which it is.

  • These double standards will not go away as long as western men insist on gentlemanly manners towards women. For it is the spirit of the gentleman which allowed women to parasite on men in the professional world or the workplace.

  • It’s not just the extra grants. Women also get into universities to study engineering (and presumably physics too) with lower grades than a man would have to attain. My sister told me of a female friend she had who applied to study engineering at a prestigious British university (I’d rather not name it, but it is invariably on ‘University Challenge’ every season). She failed to get the required A-Level grades, but was offered a place anyway on this popular course, just because there weren’t enough women students. After the first year, she decided it was too hard and withdrew from the university. In other words, a male student with better grades was denied a place so that this girl could study there instead, only for her to waste it by dropping out! I bet this goes on at other universities too…

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