David Futrelle on ‘voices of hatred’ – Paul Elam, Erin Pizzey, Warren Farrell, Karen Straughan, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Buchanan

It’s been a good day. Earlier today I spent some hours with the legend behind the ManWomanMyth and Humanity Bites channels, discussing an important project. I returned to a new post by American feminist Dave Futile, and must thank him for ending my week on a high note. He’s published a new blog piece denouncing six speakers at next week’s conferences as ‘voices of hatred’. It includes a no-expenses-spared video with a female voice (which is so monotone it has to be computer-generated) reading out the text of his blog piece, possibly for his followers who are unable to read for some reason? Is Dave depriving poor women – reeling under the boots of patriarchs, doubtless – from the chance to read out his gems and thereby earn a few dollars? Tsk, tsk, Dave…

Bizarrely – but touchingly – he launches his unhinged tirade with me. Incredibly, his ‘evidence’ that I’m a ‘voice of hatred’ is that I launched ‘The Whine Club’. No, seriously, it is – that’s how much he’s struggled to find evidence of misogyny on any of my blogs. He links to a blog post which I’ll obviously keep ‘live’, and in his blog post he presents a couple of paragraphs which any normal person would surely consider utterly uncontroversial. He’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel in his desperate mission to misrepresent me as a misogynist.

In short, Dave’s lost it. Tellingly, he doesn’t link to pieces in which we’ve presented prominent feminists with our awards including:

– Lying Women of the Month (Kat Banyard, Caroline Criado-Perez….)

– Whiny Woman of the Month (Laura Bates, Caroline Criado-Perez…)

– Gormless Women of the Month (The Fawcett Society, Clean Break Theatre Company…)

– Harpy (Harriet Harman MP, Janet Street-Porter…)

Have a good weekend.

Mike Buchanan

P.S. A better link to the The Whine Club article is that taking you to the version on AVfM here. As usual with AVfM, the comments are well worth reading.

3 thoughts on “David Futrelle on ‘voices of hatred’ – Paul Elam, Erin Pizzey, Warren Farrell, Karen Straughan, Stefan Molyneux, Mike Buchanan

  1. Indeed. Davey Futile seems to regard any suggestion that all women might possibly not be blameless goddesses at all times, in all circumstances, as a sign of fire-breathing misogyny. The man’s an idiot, and he proves it ever more with each new blog post. That’s why we have a live RSS stream to his last 10 blog pieces on this site.

  2. It’s really funny to read/hear Stefan’s words being categorized as hate. The guy is probably less hateful than butterflys on his better days. All he’s doing in that quote is holding women accountable for their choice in men, but all David and others can see is “HATRED! MISOGYNY!!”.. Too hilarious.

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