Oh no! David Futrelle has banned me from commenting on his blogs!!!

An hour or two ago I posted a comment on Dave Futile’s latest blog post, the title of which made it perfectly clear MRAs or ‘trolls’ (by which I think he means ‘people who aren’t brainwashed feminists’) were not to comment. I’m a truly bad person. Quite rightly, he’s banned me permanently from posting comments, and explained his decision for his happy band of followers (details below). He criticises my use of the expression, ‘The cold steel – they don’t like it up ’em!’ used by Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army, saying it’s a ‘rape metaphor’. You couldn’t make it up, could you? I’ve sent him an email politely correcting him on this point, we’ll see if he has the integrity to correct it. He at least had the decency to write that I have no connection with the BNP (an ill-informed commenter had claimed I did, and wouldn’t withdraw the assertion). Towards the end of his piece he writes:

…at this point I’m much more inclined to moderate anyone who seems to have the potential to turn abusive.

The potential? We assume he means anyone suspected of being guilty of thought crime. Or as followers of this blog would say, people capable of thinking for themselves, rather than being told what to think by Dave Futile and his like.

His comments take up the remainder of this blog post.

“Thanks, everyone. Well everyone except one person.

Mike, Poodle, can you not read? This thread, not for you. In fact, this blog, not for you, not any more. You were already close to being banned for spamming. Then you posted in a thread that’s clearly stated to be not for trolls or MRAs. Those two things, already enough for a ban.

But then you went back to your own blog and put up a post noting that I wouldn’t be checking comments for a little while, and encouraging MRA/trolls to come here and post while I was away. And you did so using a rape metaphor. So you are DONE.

And you’re also a good example of why I need to ban more quickly. Because commenters had already picked up your creepy vibe, which I hadn’t fully realized until now because I was behind on comments.

Ok, so here’s what I’m going to do about comments right off the bat:

1) Put people on moderation at the first sign of creepiness. If they behave, I’ll let their comments through; when I’m away their comments won’t go through, and maybe that’ll be a bit annoying for them but I don’t really care if it is and we won’t have to worry about abusive meltdown.

2) To deal with new commenters who seem basically aligned with the purpose of the blog but who get off on the wrong foot (say something ableist, etc), I’ll put them on moderation and send them an email basically explaining what the general rules and assumptions are for good faith commenters; if they’re willing to follow those rules and, you know, not argue about it I’ll let them comment again. I want to give people a second chance but not if they’re going to abuse it.

3) I’ll definitely put up more non-troll, non-mra open threads. And when it’s appropriate, as it was with the initial Elliot Roger thread, I can restrict threads for posts as well.

4) If there are people here who are willing to volunteer to help moderate it looks like wordpress enables that. So if you would like to help I would greatly appreciate it! But I would like to keep the number of mods pretty low. And you would need to be someone who’s been commenting here for a while. If you’re interested, email me.

The other thing is:

If someone is acting creepy or inappropriate, email me! It really helps to get notifications.

And this is especially important now because increased traffic has meant a lot more comments are being posted and it’s harder for me to keep up with all of them, so I can get behind on reading comments and/or miss comments that have creepy or abusive stuff in them.

In the past when regular commenters here have emailed me I’ve sometimes been reluctant to ban or mod trolls and possible trolls/socks based on gut feelings about them when the troll/MRA in question hasn’t clearly or overtly broken the rules or behaved in an overtly creepy or abusive way, but at this point I’m much more inclined to moderate anyone who seems to have the potential to turn abusive.

On the sockpuppet question, we seem to be getting fewer socks lately (though we did recently have a visit from one old favorite, though I’m blanking on which one it was). But we’re getting a lot more new trolls who are just as bad.

So that’s what I’m thinking. I’ll do a rewrite of the comments policy when I have time.

I do want to keep the comments open to MRAs/trolls because they can be entertaining and, obviously, they often provide more evidence of the misogyny that I write about in my posts. But I really don’t want repeats of what we saw earlier tonight.”

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • OMG! He seems so upset and hurt. That’s awful, really it is. Truly awful. Dear me.

  • I would prefer myself to say someone had no backbone then the cold steel comment, to avoid conflation with a threat of violence of any kind. Feminist love to look for any sign of violence to discredit or derail a discussion from an opponent. They can go into victim mode and start asking for violence on their defence. Typical hypocracy of course.

    This post for David Futrelle gives a perfect example of being a potential troll himself, a troll being someone who deliberately posts offensive, misleading, bigoted or outright lies on a non-stop basis on subjects they have no real interest or knowledge of, in order to feel superior and try to inflct emotion harm on the recipients. Only their point of view, or lack of, counts. Differences of view are to be attacked, ridiculed, mispresented, shamed(creepiness) or censored if the troll is loosing the argument. Never is reason or logic or facts to get in the way of abusing of the others comments. The above by David Futrelle attempts all of this. What irony. Conflating reasoned discussion with trolling is bad enough, conflating all men issues and their support as trolling is unforgivable.

    I think he should avoid comments on MRAs as he do not display any knowledge of what he is talking about. Since gender feminism has nothing to do with reality he does a good job of not talking about that either.

  • I’m experiencing the same over on Ship of Fools – http://forum.ship-of-fools.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=3;t=005341

    Being attacked by what sounds to be like a SJW based in Canada.
    (final post addressed directly to me on the thread)

  • this really makes me laugh. all he writes is “potential”, “gut feeling”, “behaviour”.

    actually, he “had me” at “If they behave…”, on point 1. So he is electing himself as the censor of “behaviour” now? thinking and posting one’s opinion has to abide to some norm for behavioural conduct? fuck me. acting schoolteacher , is he? I’d love to ask him to define “behave”. On second thoughts, i couldn’t care less, waste of my precious time indeed.

    Looks like this futrelle is really on a massive delusional power trip. somebody remind him he simply is someone like everybody else, a somebody, and a nobody as well. And nothing more. We all are, in a way.

    Also, I’d like to say something of a kind of a warning to everyone here: beware these psychopaths, they employ devious, shaming tactics via their use of language which we may be alerted to, but not everyone is. See his blog, when he says: “I find a lot of it in what’s called the “manosphere,” a loose collection of Men’s Rights, Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), and Pickup Artist (PUA) sites. ” See what he is doing? putting MRA and such likes men support groups in the same cauldron as PUAs? Let’s not remain indifferent to such shit, please, all of us. Let’s stand up to this. This is an intentional insult. Let’s not put up with offensiveness and insults. We’re not insulting anyone.
    all best to all,

  • I couldn’t agree more with laura72bristol about the shaming tactics and Futrelle’s use of language. He is one mean manipulator, if ever there was one. Here he is weighing the arguments, rehearsing the moral positions, seeking to show an open democratic approach – and for what? So he can justify engaging in censorship and in perpetuating bigotry (‘blind, unreasoning belief’) by closing down challenge. It beggars belief that this man can be so nakedly devious, frankly. What a narcissist! He neither talks like a man, nor does he have the balls of a man to rise with honour and respond to Mike Buchanan’s open challenge to him. Nce one Davey baby! Real democrat eh? (NOT)

  • “Ok, so here’s what I’m going to do about comments right off the bat:
    1) Put people on moderation at the first sign of creepiness. ”

    This is wonderful news, and a great result – a good old fashioned PC witch-hunt. A similar thing happened over at Conservapedia. Poe’s law came into effect. The less extreme started banning the extremists for being Poe trolls, and the extremists started banning the less extreme for being accommodationists and suspected leftists.

    I hope Futrelle puts the most strident, out, militant, man-hating feminist extemists on the case along with some saner heads and gives them all power to ban. It’ll be a slaughter they richly deserve.

  • …at this point I’m much more inclined to moderate anyone who seems to have the potential to turn abusive.

    Then Futrelle would have to moderate most of his posters because so many of them are abusive. This is the same group of people who accused a commenter named Anthony Zarat of lying about his abuse and then claimed that no feminists would ever do such a thing. This is same group of people who attacked me for mentioning I was abused by my feminist aunt and then accused me of lying about it when I would not back down, which prompted Futrelle to ban me from his blog. This is the same group of people who watched child porn, which Futrelle encouraged them to do. This is the same group of people who admit to intentionally trying to anger people in order to make them look bad. This is the same group of people who think male virgins are sociopaths. This is the same group of people who exploit mass murders in order to attack men and men’s rights activists.

    Futrelle is more than willing to allow abusive behavior on his site as long as it comes from feminists and targets men, particularly male survivors.

  • A popular meme today to be used against fascists of all persuasions: http://underdogsbiteupwards.wordpress.com/2014/06/16/they-dont-like-it-up-em-captain-mainwaring/