One thought on “Dean Esmay in a discussion on Fox 2 News Detroit

  1. So, according to the gender studies professor, ‘the problem’ is not the conference, ‘the problem’ is the social media surrounding it that is speaking against feminism – yeah, right. For once (and I sincerely hope not the last time) this vitally important conference is providing a focus point that is concentrating a lot of factual firepower and free speech against these feminist bigots and their evil creed – and they don’t like it. Great. It’s about time the supercilious glibness was wiped from their faces, and the lies they so egregiously spread, challenged publicly.

    Dean played a blinder. Well done man! There was no downside to this for MHR. The male interviewer undoubtedly saw the light. The downside is all for feminism and feminists who are about to take a big fall. Bring it on, is what I say. Onwards!

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