Louise Port (38), former GMTV reporter who stole thousands in housing benefits con while renting out her other properties is ordered to pay back £100,000

Another day, another article demonstrating we live in a deeply gynocentric country in which women – unlike men – are routinely not punished for committing crimes.

As usual the story is related by a female reporter, but the gist is clear. The 38-year-old woman (who was in tears in the court, as invariably happens in such circumstances, our hearts bleed) is being required to pay a fine of £106,000, which shouldn’t be a strain given she owns a flat worth £300,000. She swindled over £70,000 in housing benefits, which with interest amounts to about £91,000. She’s being required to pay half the cost of the prosecution (although you might well ask, why only half?) of £15,000. The message being sent by the justice system to women is the usual one:

If you’re caught swindling taxpayers or ratepayers, you’ll only have to pay back what you’ve swindled. YOU WON’T BE PUNISHED FOR YOUR CRIME. So go for it, and good luck!

We’ve covered stories in which women don’t even have to pay back what they’ve swindled. One related to a 21-yer-old barmaid who stole over £3,000 from her employer. Her ‘punishment’ was to pay back just £500… at £5.00 per week. Well, she’ll have learned her lesson from that! Sadly, not the one she should have learned.

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