Study finds 43% of boys coerced into sex

An interesting piece:

Rick Bradford left some insightful comments in response:

In respect of the apparent low impact of sexual coercion on a male’s self-esteem – in contrast to the apparently high impact on a female’s self-esteem – I have a modest hypothesis. Society, both men and women, expect the female to be in control of a sexual encounter. Coercion of a female therefore undermines her ‘rightful’ position and hence is transgressive and hence damaging to her self-esteem. For a male, in contrast, coercion by a female does not transgress the accepted order and hence is not damaging to his self-esteem. The strength of this perspective is that it also explains the importance of the female’s consent in order to avoid intercourse being rape, whilst in contrast few are concerned about the man’s consent. (You only need the consent of the boss!). The same hypothesis explains why people regard a woman violating a man’s sexual boundary (e.g. unwanted kissing) as more acceptable than the reverse. And similarly people have less support for a man withholding consent than for a woman withholding consent, because such control is deemed rightly to belong to the woman.

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