Ellie Slee: ‘The Bloody Cheek of the Tampon Tax’

Ellie Slee is a HuffPo contributor and a false allegator (sic). We presented her with a ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award after she wrote a false allegation about J4MB in a piece and refused to retract the offending text even after we’d politely asked her to – HuffPo retracted the text after we contacted their legal team. All her pieces relating to gender matters appear to us to be ridiculous. We keep thinking she couldn’t possibly write anything more ridiculous, but she keeps proving us wrong. Her latest, just published:


I invite you to leave a comment about her piece, on her post rather than here. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Ellie Slee: ‘The Bloody Cheek of the Tampon Tax’

  1. Good comments. But being a woman is not the society’s problem nor men’s problem. Why should either one give a toss about their hygienic issues, let alone subsidize them by taxes? We are eventually going to have to become as rude to women as women are to us. Demanding subsidies for periods is an incedibly rude suggestion, unethical, illogical, etc… And certainly not befitting a true lady. It’s like men demanding super cheap, subsidized condoms. Tastless and stupid demand. Only a feminist could come up with such an indecent suggestion!

  2. I have posted here as the google option on huttington post never works for me posting comments.

    She appears to think being a woman is a medical condition so she should be able to get a free prescription for it. The tax on sanitary products is set by EU at 5% (this has been in affect since 2001 in the UK), not the standard rate of 20% that does apply to men’s razors which is deliberately incorrectly stated as tax exempt on the associated petition. Even if men grow beards, provided their employer allows it, they will still pay 20% VAT to have them trimmed at the barber shop.

    Assuming constant use so she will pay around £150 in tax in a lifetime not the £3000 she gave (full cost of product, her estimate). Men do not have any lower taxes or free products based solely on their gender. However if she takes the free female hormone contraceptive pill or implant then you will not need to buy any tampons or pads. You could go back to the old fashioned reuseable cloth towel or use the equally effective incontinence pads that are tax free. Pregnancy saves on sanitary product costs too. Her cost figure is beginning to look very shaky.

    Either way the average tax payer will pay more than the average fertile woman, if she get her way, solely based on gender. All this gender feminist fuss for between an average cost of £1 to £5 a year in tax over a lifetime! How many sanitary products would be wasted over a lifetime as well if they were free? Many women are not honest about their periods and contraception taking?

  3. Ah yes, feminist innumeracy and entitlement in one indigestible package.

    So Miss Ellie reckons that women spend one fifth of their lives menstruating, so they should get free tampons..

    She obviously hasn’t figured into her calculation that women only menstruate for about half their lives and that when they do it lasts about for about 4 days a month.

    I make that to be about one fifteenth of their lives.

    Talk about not knowing your fanny from your elbow!

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