Female perpetrators of intimate partner violence

Ally Fogg earlier today published an interesting piece following the report of Jay-Z being attacked in a lift by his sister-in-law, while his wife, Beyoncé, looked on:


I posted a comment (#2) making the point that in most cases of unreciprocated domestic violence women are the perpetrators, and that the rate of DV among lesbian couples is particularly high. A commenter has challenged me to provide citations to back up these claims, or to ‘GTFO’. The first citation is contained in a presentation created by Dr Nicola Graham-Kevan of the University of Central Lancashire, and given to last year’s Mankind Initiative conference on male victims of domestic violence. It’s on page 7:

140514 Mankind Conference Slough 2013, Female Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence

The second citation – showing that 12.4% of lesbians report being the victims of DV, compared with 4.3% of heterosexual women – is a British Crime Survey report, which can be found on page 8 (point #14) of our public consultation document:

140506 J4MB consultation document, draft #16


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  • Thank you for this . It is a sad fact that the facts are ignored by those who should do better. In some senses it isn’t surprising that women’s advocacy groups falsify and spin to make their claims or attract funding. The scandal is that this is accepted by institutions who should be better than that. Serious News media, Gov. agencies, Educational institutions need to be held to account when their decisions reflect the Faith” so well analysed in the next post, rather than the reality.

  • great article – thanks for the link Mike. this incident and the reaction to it on the media and by the general public shows the inequality men face in this area compared to women. it could actually be very handy in promoting men’s rights and showing people a real life example they will take on board of what we’re saying