Do you have a health problem, but can’t see a doctor for two weeks, and wonder why? Here’s why.

Interesting piece in the Daily Mail today, confirming what we’ve been saying for a long time:

The feminisation of the NHS has been a disaster for patients and taxpayers. But hey, it’s great for female doctors who want to work part-time, so let’s have more female doctors. It makes complete sense, and it only costs half a million pounds to train a new doctor, with men paying 72% of that sum, as they pay 72% of all the income tax collected annually in the UK. GPs today earn an average of £105,000 p.a., even with so many female doctors working only part-time. So, apart from patients and taxpayers, everyone’s a winner, right?

There’s a small piece on the same page concerning ‘women in the boardroom’, and citing some remarks by Maria Miller, minister for women and equalities. The remarks are utterly idiotic even by her customary low standards.

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