Kathy Gyngell: Britain’s land girls refuse to dance to the BBC’s gender equality tune

A short but outstanding piece from Kathy Gyngell on the new website of which she’s a co-editor:


Also be sure to read the second comment. It was written by someone whose name I don’t know, Herbert Purdey, if he reads this and contacts me mike@j4mb.org.uk I shall be most appreciative.

One thought on “Kathy Gyngell: Britain’s land girls refuse to dance to the BBC’s gender equality tune

  1. A neat little proof that modern feminism is very much a product of the “office and shop” economy. Clearly in the pre industrial and current farming economy life is tough and whole families are involved. Of course the metropolitans just see nice scenery. One of the hidden histories in feminism is that the laws preventing women working in dangerous industries were lobbied for by “ladies” societies and there were protests as women resisted them ( there were marches in mining areas) as it prevented them earning vital income for them and their families ! So this farming story just a neat encapsulation of the narrow view obsessed with office jobs and ” boards” . As ever a movement of a narrow class of people often incredulous when they meet opposition or just incomprehension from ordinary women and men. Good for j4mb and Cathy Gyngel and all the others giving a voice to those the political class appear completely indifferent to.

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