£1million payout for drunken sailor who hurt her back – double the award to maimed hero Ben Parkinson

From yesterday’s Daily Mail:


Extracts from the article:

A Royal Navy sailor has been paid £1million after injuring her back playing a drunken game during an Armed Forces function. The 25-year-old – who is still serving – was hurt plunging from the top of a human pyramid built by alcohol-fuelled troops as they larked about in the mess.

In stark contrast, the compensation is double the amount paid to Ben  Parkinson, the most seriously hurt British soldier to survive the Afghan frontline.

Then aged 23, the paratrooper was blown up by a mine in 2006. He was left in a coma for months with 37  injuries, including losing both legs,  damage to his spine, skull, pelvis, hands, spleen and ribcage.

Initially the Lance Bombardier was offered just £152,000 plus a £19,000-a-year pension. After a battle by his mother Diane Derni and public outrage, the hero was awarded £570,000…

The payment to the sailor is also more than 50 times the basic £17,767 salary of a  private fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The unnamed woman, who is understood not to be an officer and is now 31, was attending the official event at a base on land.

During the evening in 2007, she became involved in ‘drunken high jinks’ with high-spirited troops climbing on each others’ shoulders, sources told the Mail. But the human tower collapsed and the servicewoman plummeted up to 30ft to the floor. The woman took legal action, arguing that top brass had responsibility for her well-being as she was invited to the event…

MoD officials have refused to give further details about the sailor’s case but other awards have caused controversy. Last November, it was revealed three female RAF recruits were each given £100,000 after suffering spinal and pelvic injuries caused by marching in step with taller male colleagues.

In 2007, the MoD paid £484,000 to an RAF typist who said she suffered repetitive strain injury to her thumb.


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