Miss Anne Dree, a supporter of #killmostmen: ‘@MikeBuchanan11 – die please’

A sour-faced young woman with the apt pseudonym of Miss Anne Dree ‘tweeted’ the following to me, earlier this morning:

@MikeBuchanan11 die please

I tried to ‘favourite’ the tweet and ‘re-tweet’ it to my Twitter followers, but she’d blocked me from exercising both options. I invite you to reply to her comment – her account is @alexeptable. Thank you.

[Note added 16:17, March 8: one of the tweets posted by her on the #killmostmen Twitter timeline:

Miss Anne Dree     ‏@alexeptable                       3h

All of the RTs in @MrPooni‘s TL at present are why #killmostmen is a brand choice we can all get behind]

I recommend you click on #killmostmen to see who Miss Anne Dree is associating with and supporting. This is what feminists look like. 

[Note added 16:14, March 9: a supporter has informed us that Miss Anne Dree’s tweets have disappeared from the ‘tweet stream’ in question. Needless to say, we earlier took a copy of the comment stream, in the expectation her contributions would be removed. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Feminists aren’t the sharpest knives in the block, are they?]

Feminists (and others) might be interested in our public challenges of prominent feminists (and their male collaborators). They include Julie Bindel, Kat Banyard, Caroline Criado-Perez, Janet Street-Porter, Dickie James (a board member of Women’s Aid), Vince Cable MP…:


14 thoughts on “Miss Anne Dree, a supporter of #killmostmen: ‘@MikeBuchanan11 – die please’

  1. Dan, many thanks. The matter is with the police. Looking forward to meeting you and all the others in Detroit. Really happy to learn Janet Bloomfield is going. Big fan of her work.

  2. Yes, you receiving such a threat in the general circumstances of what you do makes it very credible and it must be taken seriously. Furthermore, it is in writing, which is an aggravating factor. You have done the right thing IMHO. Frankly, the person concerned would do well to go to their local police straight away and clear up any misunderstanding, if there is one. A mitigating factor in such cases is if it was done as a spontaneous thing, and not really meant. That would save a lot of police time being spent on tracing the perpetrator and that would definitely go in their favour. Far better that than spend days on end waiting for the inevitable knock on the door. Again, IMHO.

  3. Herbkr, thanks for the advice. We can be sure that if a feminist such as Caroline Criado-Perez received a tweet saying ‘Caroline Criado-Perez – die please’ she’s be interviewed on the mainstream media within hours, the police would pull out all the stops to find the offender, arrests would be made… why should we accept a double standard? We shouldn’t, especially given the long history of death threats made by radical feminists.

    Valerie Solanas, the author of ‘The SCUM Manifesto’ – SCUM stands for the Society for Cutting Up Men, the book remains in print almost 50 years after publication, it’s been translated into over 10 languages – shot and very nearly killed Andy Warhol in 1967. Presumably the book is essential reading for the type of women who follow #killmostmen (we’ve copied the latest comments stream) and radfem websites.

    Erin Pizzey received lost of death threats and the radfems killed her family’s dog. Neil Lyndon received death threats. I’m going to take your advice, and contact the police now. According to her Twitter profile, ‘Miss Anne Dree’ lives in Brighton. Hopefully it won’t take the police long to track her down and hopefully arrest and charge her. Thanks again.

  4. Mike. This is a serious criminal offence. It needs to be reported to the police. They will find the perpetrator. I strongly urge you to do this.

  5. In all seriousness, there are some very disturbed and dangerous people out there who oppose our movement and WILL use violence not to mention false police reports etc.

    Just the last week Matt O’Connor suffered a very nasty assault at his own home which appears to be connected to his work fighting for rights for fathers:

    CCTV is very cheap these days, and I suggest anyone serious about activism should take the time to install a camera or two to cover their property.

  6. I felt it necessary to inform her that if she was male and sent such a message to a woman she would go to jail, like the case with Stephanie Guthrie who had a man arrested for criticizing her(no threats or even threatoids made only disagreeing with her)

  7. Mike, it’s a death threat!

    Quick, run to the BBC (like a feminist would,) and they’ll do a news night piece about how men’s safety is at threat on the internet! /s

  8. Feminist 101 – tick, misandry – tick, hate speech – tick, trolling- tick, potential death threat – tick, freedom of speech for women – tick, right of reply for anybody (especially men) – cross, decency – cross, using real name – cross, responsibility – cross, human rights advocate – cross. Are we cross that you noticed Mike’s legitimate claims for the support of a men and boys equal rights movement -hell no, happy happy happy, tick, tick, tick.

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