Laura Bates is helping the NUS solve ‘the laddism problem’. No, seriously, she is!

Our thanks to Sean for pointing us to a piece by Eva Wiseman in yesterday’s Observer. Eva Wiseman reports that Laura Bates is one of the people the NUS has appointed to solve the laddism problem:

The question we should be asking, surely, is how do we solve the Laura Bates problem. How do we stop people in the media – women, in the main – giving so much exposure to a pathologically whiny young woman whose futile life mission is to stamp out gender differences, ignoring the simple reality that men generally like being men, women generally like being women… with all the inevitable pros and cons that entails for both parties? Bates inspired the formation of The Whine Club, and won the inaugural ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award. Her certificate is here:

131126 Laura Bates’s ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award certificate

We can only assume Bates was a whiny toddler, then a whiny girl, a whiny adolescent, and now a whiny young woman. She’ll whine to the day she dies, a miserable whiny old woman, maybe with cats for company. Whining presumably gives some meaning and purpose to her life, and the lives of other whine collectors. But it shouldn’t mean we have to be exposed to her relentless bellyaching in newspapers, on the TV, or on the radio.

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