Danny Cohen, BBC director of TV, decides all-male panels aren’t ‘acceptable’

More political correctness from the BBC:


The reason that shows such as Mock The Week and Have I Got News For You? often have male-dominated panels is perfectly simple. Men cope better with the competitive nature of these programmes – indeed, they often enjoy it – and the result is often comedy gold, appreciated by license fee payers. By contrast, many female contestants on the programmes have been strikingly unfunny – not all of them, to be fair.

From the article:

Panel shows such as QI and Mock the Week will no longer have all-male line-ups, the BBC’s director of TV has said. ‘We’re not going to have panel shows on any more with no women on them,’ Danny Cohen told the Observer. ‘You can’t do that. It’s not acceptable.’

I don’t write to ITV whining that Loose Women has all-female panels wittering on at mind-numbing length about utter trivia, do I? No. Why is there a problem with all-male panels, but not all-female panels? Because feminists whine and politically correct men such as Danny Cohen put up the white flag. It’s the same response as husbands have to a nagging wife, ‘Anything for an easy life’. So the feminists get what they want, and BBC shows decline in quality.

Is it ‘acceptable’ to Danny Cohen that there’ll be no female players in England’s soccer team in the forthcoming World Cup? And if it is acceptable, why?

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I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • Yes looks like the beeb better stop all female panels too. Why on earth are we forced to pay a tax to fund this one TV company. What nonsense, if the entertainment line up has to reflect the equality strands in the last census then there’d be far fewer gay people on our screens. Rightly there would be an outcry. I thought the word was “talent” .

  • Its one thing to want more women on panel shows, but its another thing entirely to brand panels shows that happen to have an all male cast as unacceptable. There are far more male comedians and therefore all male panel shows will happen. but no, lets take this as another opportunity to disparage the labor of men.

  • herbkr

    Are Danny Cohen’s views acceptable? Indeed Is he “acceptable” I ask?

  • I saw this so I am glad you have covered it here. This is another example of quotas for women regardless of merit. As we know there is never any corresponding effort to respresent men on family and child issue panels, a male host is not a contributor. I often see the majority of news output with a female presenter and a female weather girl. No balance there.

    In the article what is ironic is that on many occasions there are no women because they have turned down the offers. How is that the other men on the panel shows fault. When the women do appear, they are often do not contribute much to the shows. I do even get the chance to judge whether they are funny or not. They seems to lack confidence or talent. There are far fewer quality women comedians out there so the pool to pick from is small.

    Writer Caitlin Moran will not even go on panels because she sees herself as surplus to requirements. How is that men’s fault that she has such a low opinion of herself. Of course the answer will be to have mainly women panellists no doubt. This shows the real reason for quotas because even women do not think they merit attention in these arenas unless they are dominated by women’s views.

  • If you only watch s catch-up tv content such as iPlayer and 4OD (not to mention Youtube, Netflix etc) then you don’t actually need a tv licence, it’s only a requirement if receiving live broadcasts.

    There’s very little live content really worth watching, so save yourself £140 and stop funding the BBC’s blatant anti-male sexism at the same time.