Selfishness – OK for mothers but not for fathers

Few reasonable people would challenge the proposition that women who deny ex-partners reasonable access to their child(ren) are being both selfish and malicious, as well as emotionally abusing their chid(ren) and ex-partners. Is this selfishness deemed sufficient reason by the justice system to award custody of the child(ren) to fathers? No. So what happened when a man sought custody of his seven-year-old daughter, after his ex-partner died unexpectedly? On the advice of social workers, the girl is being sent to live with relatives in the United States:

2 thoughts on “Selfishness – OK for mothers but not for fathers

  1. this is such cowshit, defathering, only meant to maintain and perpetuate false status quo’s which were void to begin with, even after its death mothers UNwill remains law.whereas divorce is child abuse to begin with, divorced children are being discriminated in their human right on normal familylife, indeed because of stupid&infantile sic&selfish fembot unwives, by ‘choice’!

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