JAN MOIR: How dare the sisterhood attack Aunty Irma for her wise words about rape?

An excellent new piece by Jan Moir:


Feminists discourage women from taking any responsibility for themselves, spinning absurd narratives such as ‘Men can stop rape’, when men collectively can no more stop rape than women collectively can stop shoplifting. Rape is carried out by a tiny minority of men, who tend to be repeat offenders. It’s long been known that about 60% of incarcerated rapists were abused as children by one or more women, but that’s another story.

Feminist narratives are designed to increase the incidence of rape, thereby creating more employment opportunities for professional feminists. The reality is that rape is a rare crime, stranger rape even more so. Feminist narratives (one in three women…) grossly exaggerate the likelihood of women being raped. They’re designed to make women disproportionately scared of men, so they hate men in general. They’re designed to make women perennially angry, much like feminists themselves.

Feminists adopt absurd double standards in this area, as in many others. If a sober woman has sex with a drunken man, is she raping him? And if not, why not? If a drunken woman has sex with a drunken man, are they raping each other simultaneously?

It was reported on today’s lunchtime news that police forces across the UK are to be given guidance that women alleging they’ve been raped should be assumed to be telling the truth, unless there’s compelling evidence they’re not. In other words, men must be presumed guilty until and unless they can prove their innocence. They’ll be  named and shamed even before their cases come to trial, while the women will enjoy anonymity. No change there, then.

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  • Of course earlier this Parliament an obvious corrective to false or repeated accusations, an end to anonymity, was fluffed. In many countries rape is a crime of forced sex, in England it is only unwanted penetration, so effectively only men can “rape” and uniquely for a crime concerning adult accusers are anonymous. For JFMB may I suggest an end to automatic anonymity and a reframing of statute to something more like US law for instance.

    • Thanks for this. The coalition committed to anonymity for sexual abuse suspects and (predictably) bowed to feminist pressure once in power. Our position in this area is in our public consultation document. Currently we advocate anonymity for both parties.