Our public challenge of Julie Bindel

Four nights ago, in the course of a debate and subsequent discussions at Durham University, the gender feminist journalist Julie Bindel denied that a website I was talking about – that of the feminist campaigning organisation ‘Justice for Women’ – was the website of an organisation she’d co-founded many years ago. She publicly branded me a liar for asserting that the strapline of the organisation, located under its logo, was the following:

Men, women and murder

The strapline on the organisation’s website has since been removed, as we’ve reported, in a piece with a link to the website’s content before the removal of the strapline:


Our challenge to Ms Bindel is simple:

Ms Bindel, we invite you to publicly retract your allegations that (1) the website http://www.justiceforwomen.org.uk is not the website of the ‘Justice for Women’ organisation you co-founded in 1990, and that (2) the strapline ‘Men, women and murder’ was not to be found under the organisation’s logo at the time of our debate in Durham. We also invite you to agree to our publishing a video of the Durham debate online.

Our public challenges of other prominent feminists (and their male collaborators):



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